Candlelight YOGA & Live MUSIC - Unleashing Your Genius: Yoga + Music Special Edition

- Cynthia Wong (yoga)
- Isaac Ho (vocals + ambient acoustic guitar)

* 8-9:30pm - RM 40 (rm8 goes towards your drink afterwards), 15 yoga mat spots
* 9:30pm and after - RM15 (rm 8 goes towards your drink)

‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ ~Albert Einstein.

We all have genius within us. Yet knowing you have a genius within doesn't make picking up a guitar or mic any easier. On the contrary, if we believe that "art" is for "artists" only, we live only as an observer and dreamer.

After 16 months of Unleashing Your Genius: Poetry & Music, hosted by Cynthia Wong and held at The Gaslight, with several special editions (refugee book launch + fundraiser, women’s edition, film screening, 1 year anniversary), comes the very first YOGA+MUSIC edition to combine a moving vinyasa flow yoga arts, practiced to the tunes of ambient soundscapes by the talented singer-songwriter Isaac Ho!

Music can take us to new worlds, take our souls on journeys unforeseen. When paired with the right settings (intimate space, candles, palo santo), music (ambient guitar by Isaac), and mindset (of love, compassion, and community), we can find just those moments that inspire us to set our souls on fire and set our spirits free.

2 ways to join us:

1) Come at 8pm for the yoga and stay after for music, conversations, community and drinks - rm40 (rm8 goes towards your drink!) - for new or experienced yogis, feel free to stay until close :)

2) Anyone else is welcome to join us later at 9:30pm to hear a magical live set by Isaac Ho - rm15 (rm8 goes towards your drink!) - for anyone and everyone!

Join us for a shot of creative inspiration, for soulful conversations with old and new friends over coffee/drinks, and for a night that’ll inspire you to unleash your own genius. Come alone, or bring friends. Either way, you’ll meet a new crowd to yoga and/or to mingle with!

1) Yoga + Music:
- RSVP here, book your ticket on peatix (or message Cynthia if you can only pay in cash)
- BYOMat (message if you need one, we have a few extras!) + water
- While there is no food at Gaslight, we will have light munchies after

2) Music
- RSVP and book your ticket on peatix
- come anytime 9:30pm or after and enjoy the tunes!


About the musician:

Isaac Ho is a young singer-songwriter hailing from the small mining town of Ipoh. Coming to KL in the pursuit of higher education and achieving his musical dreams, the guitarist-cum-loop pedalist has slowly been making a name for himself within the gig circuit. His signature Ed Sheeran-esque style, John Mayer playing skills, and pleasing vocals have captured the attention of audiences across venues he played.

A performer and frequent favorite artist of many around KL, Isaac will be performing acoustic ambient soulful soundscapes during the yoga session, and a set of covers and originals afterwards. You can follow him on social media to see his next gigs all over KL and hear sneak peeks of his songs currently in production!

Instagram: @holygoodmusic
Facebook: Isaac Ho https://www.facebook.com/holygoodmusic/
Special feature: http://sevenpie.com/isaac-ho-malaysias-very-own-loop-pedal-artist/

About the yoga instructor:

Cynthiã Wõng is currently on a mission to create 1 million inspired moments to empower people all over the world to step into their passions and light. She sees yoga, music, public speaking, travel, adventures... as transformative opportunities for people to connect again to oneself, to step into the person they’ve always wanted to be.

While born and raised in US, Cynthia has lived in 8 countries and traveled 56. She’s spent 4 of the past 5 years living/based in KL. She's received 3 yoga teacher certifications in Bali - Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Standup Paddleboard Yoga, and Pre/Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga. Cynthia integrates breath, environment, music, and fun to build conscious communities, together embracing yoga, as well as personal goals and visions.

She continues to expand her yoga class offerings to include elements she’s passionate about - nature, sunsets, live music, beach, parks, community, yoga for running, and live music, etc - and make it fun and accessible to more people who are new or experienced in yoga. Venues expand beyond beautiful studios to include candlelit balconies, city center rooftops, seaside beaches, eco-resorts, desert festivals, urban parks with skyline view, cafes, the 5 star private island resorts, and her former Sunday sunset yoga classes under a huge open air dome. Her classes offer group introductions, introspection and reflection, music, candles, and options to eat and connect after class.

Cynthia believes through connecting with each other as well as the sights, sounds, and space, we can surrender to the magic all around us to become truly inspired and powered by our light within.

You can follow her yoga channels for more pop up events in KL:
FB: Cynthia Active Yogi
IG: @cynthia_activeyogi
Peatix: http://cynthiaactiveyogi.peatix.com/:
Site: www.cynthia.yoga (live this week!)
Thu Sep 28, 2017
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM MYT
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The Gaslight
8pm Yoga + Music (rm8 goes towards your drink post-yoga) SOLD OUT RM40.00
9:30pm and after - just music & mingling! (rm8 goes towards your drink) SOLD OUT RM15.00
Venue Address
The Gaslight, 15, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Take the stairs next to NEROTECA restaurant, the ones that say "Jungle Bird", then go all the way up the stairs to The Gaslight Studio
Cynthia Active Yogi